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Real Estate Manual

Real Estate Manual

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Real Estate Resources includes:

Ebook: 7 Steps to wealth creation
BRRRR Strategy Guide 
30/30/3 rule Guide 
Deal Calculator
Negotiation Mastery 
Renovation Guide 
Market Analysis Guide 
DTI Guide
Financial Checklist
Risk Tolerance Guide 
Investment Roadmap Guide
Wholesale Guide
Hidden Gems Guide
Identifying and Seizing Opp guide -
Navi Traditional Mortgages
Exploring Alt Funding Sources 
JV Guide
Strategies for funding success Guide
Legal entity protection Guide
LLC Checklist
Trust Guide
JV Agreement
Seller Finance Guide 
Seller Finance Contract
T&C for Win-Win Agreements Guide
Due Diligence Guide
Insurance Guide
Losses and Damages Protection Guide
Mitigating Risk Guide
Landlord Insurance Guide
Selecting Reliable Contractors Guide
RE Construction Contract
Loan Amortization Basics Guide
Loan Amortization Schedule
Maximizing Equity Growth Guide
Strategic Loan Amortization Guide
Setting up your Systems Guide
Implementing Strategies for Ongoing Growth Guide
Scaling your real estate legacy

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